ela kraszewska fashion designer
    My name is Ela Kraszewska. I'm the owner and the designer at ELKRADE.

Art Maison Studio was created in 1993 in Gdynia. The company started as an interior design studio, which was transformed into a knitwear design studio ELKRADE in 1996.

Since then the company has been constantly developing from a local firm with customers only in Poland into an internationally recognised studio with clients in France, Switzerland, Great Britain and USA. Since 1999 the studio is a member of the Polish-French Trade & Industry Chamber.

The models have been presented in the media, published in press and magazines such as Elle, Cosmopolitan and Pani. Collections have also been presented at many fashion shows.

ELKRADE design studio satisfies the needs of even most demanding clients. Ela Kraszewska, who is the chief designer and the owner of the studio, often creates single designs for particular occasions. Among her clients are people from many walks of life like art, business, media, and sport.

The unique designs achieved in return for their trust in the creator of tailored models are the result of her knowledge of fine arts, anthropometry and psychology. With the same care Ela creates her collections.

The whole group of people who co-operate with the knitwear design studio ELKRADE together pursue the aim of the designer - to achieve beauty and harmony.

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mobile phone: 48 602 641 665



Ela Kraszewska is the owner and the designer at ELKRADE. After she graduated from the Academy of Arts in Gdańsk, Department of Architecture and Industrial Design, she worked as an interior designer. In 1996 she transformed her interior design studio into an original knitwear design studio ELKRADE. The models are usually handmade, though sometimes a mixed machine-handmade technique is used.

Materials used for the models such as virgin wool, mohair and viscose are often dyed at the special request of the designer.

While the production of larger collections is conducted, single models are designed and produced for individual clients. Every model has a label with the name of the designer.